2. Meal


Message from the chef

Nagano prefecture is the longest in Japan.
In the background, rich nature surrounded by beautiful mountains,
And in an environment that is rich in the changing seasons
There are delicious vegetables and farm products raised.
In addition, there is a traditional food culture that has been inherited in each region of the prefecture,
They are the support of the longevity prefecture.
Shimotakai County, where the hotel is Shimotakai County, is located on the border of Niigata Prefecture,
Near to the Sea of Japan,
There is also a distance where you can get fresh seafood.
Please enjoy dishes using these ingredients abundantly at White Inn Kitashiga.
Without being bound by the concept of cooking techniques
Finish in a shape that lets you feel the four seasons with your five senses,
As "Evolutionary seasonal cuisine"
I would like to present it to customers.

Please stay away from the hustle and bustle,
Please enjoy the leisurely time.

White Inn Kitashiga Chief Chef Takuya Denda
  • Advanced seasonal cuisine 

    September 2023 MENU of one day

    Red shrimp mikuy avocado mousse
    homemade smoked salmon
    Squid and Chinese ink
    fermented potato soup
    Grilled Shinshu herb chicken with hazelnuts
    Old man steamed
    Poiled sea bass with tomato butter sauce
    Roasted beef rump with Tama soy sauce
    Handmade soba vinegared soba
    Almond Blancmange Shine Muscat
    petit four
    Ice temperature aged coffee

    The menu changes depending on the purchase of the day.
    Thank you for your understanding.
  • Executive dining

  • Dining restaurant

  • Big Hall

  • 【WINE】

    NV René Brisset Champagne Brut 6,000 yen
    Cidre 2016 Obuse Rustic Style Fermented Cider 3,400 yen
    <Vin Blanc>
    2014, Chablis GC Les Clos,Dom.Pinson, 11,000 yen
    2014 Obuse Soga Pere et Fils Obuse Blanc 3,800 yen
    2015 Kido Autumn Colors Niagara ¥ 3,400
    <Vin Rouge>
    2013 Sequoia Grove Napa Valley Red 10,000 yen
    2007 Baron'Arques 8,000 yen
    2014 Saint Clair / Pinot Noir 4,400 yen
    *There are many others.

  • 【BEER】

    Shiga Kogen Beer (Pale ale) 580 yen
    Shiga Kogen Beer (IPA) 580 yen
    Shiga Kogen Beer (Porter) 580 yen
  • 【Local sake】

    Mizuo Special Honjozo Namareishu 900 yen
    Char’s Kotsuzake (sake with grilled fish bones) 1350 yen
    Beau Michelle (glass) 630 yen
    Ris Vin7 (glass) 630 yen
    Hokko Masamune Junmai(pure rice) Daiginjo 1ttou (glass) 650 yen
    Mizuo Special Junmaishu(pure rice sake) (glass) 500 yen 
  • 【birthday・Anniversary】

    Make your anniversary more memorable
    Patissier will make it with all your heart.
    If you wish, please make a reservation in advance.
    Decorated cake (size 7, 21cm) ¥5,000
    Decoration cake (5 size, 16 cm) ¥ 4,300
    Baked cheesecake (size 7, 21cm) ¥3,500
    Baked cheesecake (size 5, 16cm) ¥2,500
    Chocolate cake (5 size, 16cm) ¥2,600
  • 【Baked cheese cake】

    White Inn Kitashiga's baked cheesecake protects you from stress
    Plenty of calcium.Please spend a time when you can return to your kindness.
    Add sour cream sour cream to plenty of cream cheese
    Kneaded fresh eggs and baked carefully.
    White Inn traditional taste with fans all over the country.
    I would recommend it to those who are not good at cheese.
    Size 5 (15cm) ¥2,000
    Size 7 (21cm) ¥3,000
    Mini cheesecake (12×6×2cm) ¥1,100

  • 【Chocolate cake】

    Chocolate contains chemicals that are similar to the feeling of well-being that occurs when you fall in love.
    Eat a bite and feel happy・・・.
    A chocolate cake that will be appreciated by those who love sweets and those who are not good at it.
    Using 56% cacao chocolate, it has a bitter adult taste.
    Size 5 (15cm) ¥2,100

  • 【Caramel apple cake】

    Spend a relaxing time while laying the local apples in the mold and watching the articles that show off the bitter caramel.
    Cast and bake.
    After baking, flip the top and bottom (upside down) and finish.
    Size 5 (15cm) ¥2,000